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Wooden Bowties

The wooden bowtie is a statement piece that signifies class, personality, and elegance. Although wooden bowties are unique, they offer an essence and dynamic that is unmatched in the fashion arena. 

We offer the classic wooden bowtie as well as the wooden mustache bowtie. The mustache bowtie is perfect for people who exude confidence and charisma. The classic wooden bow tie is for people who are charming and assertive.

Check out our feather bowties or cork bowties if you're looking for more styles to boost your wardrobe.

Looking for a bow tie in wood? Presenting our unique and exquisite collection of wooden bowties that are not only fashionable but also environment-friendly! Explore our range of crafted ties where we have taken this classic accessory and given it a unique and vintage twist. Whether you are looking for a unique addition to your wardrobe, buying for a particular occasion, or a special gift for someone, our wooden bow ties are the perfect choice.